Q: What are your fees?

A: Our fees vary slightly from year to year based on our enrollment numbers. Our annual dues cover administrative costs such as rent and insurance, which are split between each family. For each term (Fall and Spring) there is also a materials fee per child which is determined by those leading activities. We are very transparent with our budget so all of our members can see exactly how the money is spent and give their input on spending. Most years our member fee is under $100 per family. 

Q: What is the parent's role?

A: Our parents are very involved. This is truly a cooperative effort. We have parent meetings several times per year at which we make business and programming decisions for the co-op. Parents contribute regularly to planning and provide activities. Because we have an enthusiastic, caring and highly motivated group of parents, our co-op thrives. 

Q: Can I drop my child off?

A: An adult from each participating family is required to stay. 

Q: What are the ages of the kids?

A: The bulk of our group is in the 8-13 year range, with some younger siblings. They all interact so well together that we don't think about the age differences very often, though we do address the different levels in our activity planning. 

Q: Can we join the co-op?

A: New members begin the process to join in the spring and summer before our Fall term. Please fill out the survey on our Contact tab. We will contact you when we have space. Our group is small by design, and we unfortunately cannot always accommodate everyone who expresses interest. The earlier in the Spring that you reach out, the better! By late July we are winding down our recruitment process.

Q: Do you have classes?

A: No, we don't. Instead, we work together on group projects and enjoy open ended time together during our Thursday co-op meeting. In addition, we hold regular meetups such as Board Game Club, Roblox Club, Movie Club, Art Days, Field Trips, Hiking Club, Park Days etc. 

Q: Who teaches the lessons?

A: Our children plan the weekly activities. They may lead the activity if they feel comfortable doing so or their parent might take the lead.

Q: What does the day look like?

A: Currently we are meeting outdoors starting at 11:00 am. We start with morning meeting followed by a group activity that lasts for about an hour. We round out the day with lunch and plenty of free play and nature exploration. 

Please contact us if your question was not answered!