About Us

Creekside Homeschool Learning Cooperative was founded  in 2016 by a group of homeschooling families who knew that our children would benefit from belonging to a strong and supportive community throughout their homeschooling journey. 

In the years since, we have worked to create a group where each member is respected and encouraged. Each person has a voice, and we continually solicit ideas and opinions from our members to help guide our growth. We have built a special community that values each member as an individual. Our goal is that everyone, child and adult,  feels important, appreciated and valued. Both the children and the adults have found support and friendship along the way!

In order to maintain our close knit community, it's vital that members regularly participate in events and group communication. We work together to find opportunities for everyone to contribute in ways that utilize their talents and meet their comfort level. 

If your family is homeschooling and looking to be part of  a kind and supportive community, we would love to meet you and answer any questions that you have about Creekside. 

Feedback from our community :

"Creekside Learning Cooperative has and continues to be a very important part of our boys' homeschooling experience. CLC has allowed our boys many opportunities to learn and connect with other children through various planned activities that range from the educational, to the creative, and to fun, social outings. This co-op is made up of genuinely nice families who work very hard at making the co-op experience as positive as possible. Our boys look forward every week to attending the get-togethers. We hope to remain a part of CLC for years to come."  Jen, Creekside Parent

"I love how many friends I’ve made at Creekside and all of the activities and places we’ve gone are awesome, enjoyable and interesting!" Arthur, age 10