Our program is designed by our child members with support from their parents. Each child is assigned a week to choose the topic that the co-op will explore and to plan the weekly activities. Topics have included sculpture,  puppetry, watercolor painting,  rugby,  math, and many more. Families work together to design the weekly plan so that the children can take the lead to the degree that they are comfortable. We love learning more about each person's interests! 

We also hold special event days each year such as Art Show, Field Day,  Market Day,  Halloween, Holiday Book Exchange and Valentine's Day. We all look forward to the fun traditions we've developed over the years for each of these special days.

Since July of 2020, we have been meeting outdoors. We plan projects and activities that work well outdoors and dress for the weather.

In addition to our Thursday co-op meeting, we hold regular meetups like Board Game Club, Roblox Club, Movie Club, Art Days, Field Trips, Hiking Club, Park Days etc. We usually have events at least three and up to five times per week during the school year and once a week over the summer.